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Blackbird Studios exhibition: “The Greatest Show on Earth”

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  1. […] July: A drawing of mine was included in the Blackbird Studios exhibition “The Greatest Show on Earth“, an examination of the circus and related entertainments in American culture. The piece, a tiny drawing of a circus big top called “Flea Circus” — actually, the full title is “Flea CircusĀ (Behold the grandeur of the circus, the pleasures and delights of a thousand distant lands brought together to dazzle your senses and delight your mind’s eye)” — was dashed off as a bit of a joke; imagine my surprise when it was singled out in a review of the show, widely complimented by fellow artists and patrons, and yes, bought – my first real art sale. Life is weird. (This was an AMAZING show, check out some pics of the whole installation.) […]

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